About Us

We at funding cafe are creators of a few Kickstarter campaigns, some successful, few highly successful and a few failed ones too. We have backed considerable projects to know the nitty-gritty of crowdfunding. What we noticed during our time on Kickstarter was that there is some information that every backer needs and that no blog or marketer provides. Information like top projects in a certain category, creator rating, how to select a certain project from similar ones, points to consider before backing a project, at one specific place. We also noticed that marketing has become an essential part of Kickstarter campaigns which ruins the original idea behind Kickstarter. Although marketing is good for those who don’t know their way in digital marketing and can change the future of their project, but we don’t like the way that marketing agencies work currently. There is no transparency in where your funds are spent, what conversion did it make and other such stuff. Moreover, the due-diligence charges that some top notch marketing agencies charge and then don’t even take your project when they are unsuccessful to boost your campaign, that can be considered the most sophisticated form of betrayal. I mean you are not able to do your job. You experimented and failed and still you charge the creator. We have been through that. We lost a huge amount to a marketing agency and they didn’t even take the project. I mean they already review the project before accepting. So, if they accept your project, it’s definitely good. And failure to run should be considered their fault and not the creator’s. At least don’t take money for what you can’t do. This became the very basis of The Funding Cafe. We want to bring transparency in the digital Marketing segment. We will charge you fee only if we are able to succeed your campaign. Else, we will show all the statistics of where your money was spent and return to you the rest, of the funds. And of course, not everyone can afford a digital marketer. So, we will be teaching all the basics of what works and what doesn’t in a campaign. How you can harness full power of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels and other marketing strategies to help you get your campaign going without wasting a penny. And if you want our help or service, just remember, ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.