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Chef Katsu Brooklyn

Chef Katsu Brooklyn - If it's Japanese Food, it's CKB

Your family's go-to spot for healthy Japanese comfort food in the good ol' Brooklyn.

They say America is a country of dreams and we’ve come across one such beautiful dream. Chef Katsu has been a chef at many popular restaurants in Manhattan but his heart is in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn where he lives and loves the friendly people there. Everyone who has tasted Chef Katsu’s food agrees on one thing that he should open his own restaurant, which incidentally has been his lifelong dream.

But owning a restaurant is a huge thing and requires a lot of funds. While with help of friends and family, they have secured the location for the restaurant and its construction, they still need lots of funds for kitchen equipment, furniture, and other such things. We really wish that Chef Katsutoshi Machida reaches his goal and is able to start his restaurant.

I love the way that they have presented their story and their rewards are really interesting. Campaigns such as these are the what Kickstarter actually represented in its initial days. We hope that someday we will be having a meal at Chef Katsu Brooklyn (CKB) albeit vegetarian.