16 crowdfunding websites for any type of fund raising

Top 16 Crowdfunding Websites

When it comes to crowdfunding, numerous websites have flourished in recent time. You’ll be amazed at the number and nature of the websites that are ready to collect fund for you. Whether it be a creative project, a charity event or even your medical bills, there are websites for everything. If you are still having doubts whether or not you need crowdfunding, check out this article that explains everything about crowdfunding in detail. The main concern is that your cause or project should connect with the people and they should want to be a part of it. Here, I am listing crowdfunding websites dedicated to creative projects along with information that will help you to select which one suits you best. Check these out to decide the one that will bring you closer to your dream.


Kickstarter, as the name suggests, will just kickstart your dream project within a span of a few months. The only condition for your project to be eligible for Kickstarter is that it should be highly creative. Many life changing projects have born on Kickstarter and are now successful products affecting many lives. Once you submit your project, it is subject to approval and then it is made live.

Project type: Creative

Categories:  Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, Theater.

Duration: 1-60 days

Funding: All-or-nothing

Penalty for failed projects: No

Fees: 5% funding fee and 3-5% processing fee

Locations: US and UK

Special: Backer reward. If a certain goal is reached, creators can also offer something extra to the backers.


Indiegogo is also a big player in crowdfunding. It supports both creative projects as well as personal or charity projects. It does not have an approval process. You can put anything on IndieGogo.

Project type: Creative, personal, charity, anything.

Categories:  Audio, Camera Gear, Energy & Green Tech, Fashion & Wearables, Food & Beverages, Health & Fitness, Phones & Accessories, Productivity, Transportation, Travel & Outdoors, Art, Comics, Dance & Theater, Film, Music, Photography, Podcasts, Blogs & Vlogs, Tabletop Games, Video Games, Web Series & TV Shows, Writing & Publishing, Animal Rights, Culture, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Local Businesses, Spirituality, Wellness.

Duration: 1-60 days

Funding: Fixed (All-or-nothing) and flexible (keep any amount you raise)

Penalty for failed projects: Nothing for Fixed. For Flexible funding, nothing is mentioned anywhere on the website. So do make it clear before making any decisions.

Fees: 5% funding fee and 3% + 0.30 per transaction processing fee. Additional wire transfer fee (outside the US) depending on your location

Locations: Worldwide

Special: Feature of flexible funding. You get to keep the money raised even if you don’t reach your goal.


Patreon is different from other crowdfunding websites as you do not set up a project, reach a goal and get the funds. Rather you go on delivering content which you are good at (music, articles, cartoons anything). Patrons will pay a monthly subscription to access your content. This website is best suited for people who want to follow their passions by giving them financial stability without any other terms. They are free to work the way they like provided they keep on posting quality content regularly.

Project type: any of your creations (video, posts, illustrations etc.)

Categories:  Video and films, music, writing, comics and illustrations, podcasts, games, drawing and painting, animation, photography, science, education, crafts, and DIY, dance and theater

Duration: Infinite

Funding: Monthly subscriptions for the content you create

Penalty for failed projects:

Fees: 5% administrative fees and 5% processing fee.

Locations: Worldwide

Special: Does not give a one-time support to a particular project but gives continuous monthly support to an artist or a project.


Pozible is yet another crowdfunding platform for raising money for any creative or community project based in Australia. It is mainly used for creative projects but not limited to them only. So, whatever your passion or idea be, as long as you are delivering something, you can list it on Pozible.

Project type: Creative as well as community

Categories:  Art & Craft, Community & Social Good, Design & Fashion, Environmental, Events, Film & Video, Food & Drink, Music, Performance, Photography, Publishing & Journalism, Research, Social Enterprise, Sports & Recreation, Technology & Games.

Duration: 1-60 days

Funding: All-or-nothing

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: Fees depend on the amount of fund that you pledge.

Total funds up to $100k – 5%

Funds between $100k and $500k – 4%

Total funds more than $500k – 3%

Processing fees – 1.2% – 3.5% plus some additional charges depending on country

Locations: Worldwide (around 105 countries)

Special: You can also give alcohol as a reward. Of course, you need a proper license for selling liquor and need to follow the local laws where you are sending alcohol.


goFundMe is a perfect place for personal fundraising. Medical issues, memorial services or even a beauty contest; you can start any campaign. And as long as people connect with your dream or needs, your campaign is bound to be successful. There are some really heart-moving campaigns on goFundMe.

Project type: Personal as well as entrepreneurial campaigns

Categories:  Education, Medical, Charity, Emergencies, Animals, Memorials, Volunteer, Sports, Wishes, Competitions, Newlyweds, Faith, Travel, Creative, Community, Events, Business, Family.

Duration: No time limit

Funding: No goal requirements. You keep every donation that you receive.

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: 5% goFundMe fees and 2.9% payment processing plus $0.30 per donation

Locations: 19 countries. Check out your country here.

Special: No funding goal is there. You can continue receiving donations even after your goal has been reached.


Fundrazr is a pretty useful platform for raising funds for medical, entrepreneurial and memorial campaigns. Apart from these, non-profit, charity and other such causes are equally supported and successful. Fundrazr claims to have a laser-like target to reach your goal with its technology and expert social media guidance.

Project type: Personal as well as entrepreneurial campaigns

Categories:  Accidents & Disasters, Animals & Humane, Business & Entrepreneurial, Community & Volunteer, Faith & Missions, Health & Illness, Memorials & Funerals, Politics, Travel, Alumni & Clubs, Arts & Creative, Celebrations & Weddings, Education & Schools, Family & Kids, Legal, Non-profits, Sports & Competitions, Veterans & Heroes.

Duration: No time limit

Funding: No goal requirements. All contributions are deposited instantly into your PayPal or WePay account.

Penalty for failed projects: none

Fees: 5% Fundrazr fees and 2.9% payment processing plus $0.30 per donation

Locations: 25 countries. Check out your country here.

Special:  There is a special section in categories – Offering perks, Trending, Ending soon and Newest. This helps you to select a campaign that works for you.


Rockethub terms itself as a funding machine. It’s basically a platform for entrepreneurs. And not just a crowdfunding platform but a social network for entrepreneurs. You can submit your business or company information to the Elequity Funding Room. They will get back to you in a day or two either accepting or refusing your proposal. If you just have a business idea, RocketHub is not for you.

Project type: Eentreneurial

Categories: Not listed.

Duration: 30+ days

Funding: Equity

Penalty for failed projects: Projects don’t fail. They are simply, not accepted. And no penalty for that.

Fees: Not defined anywhere on the web.

Locations:  worldwide

Special: Has partnered with Elequity and supports equity funding. You just don’t raise capital here. You make connections in the business world.


The main aim of Fundable is to raise capitals for business not just from friends and backers but also from investors. Even if you didn’t successfully complete your fundraising, you can still download backer data. With this backer information, you can create a mailing list to coordinate with for a second attempt at the fundraising.

Project type: Anything entrepreneurial. No charity or causes supported.

Categories: Beauty, Boats, Cars / Trucks, Commercial, Communications, Consumer Products, Design, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Fitness, Food, Food Service, Gadgets, Games, Hardware, Health & Beauty, Healthcare, Life Science, Media (tv, radio, print), Mobile, Motorcycle, Motors, Other, Personal Care, Products, Real Estate, Rental, Residential, Restaurants, Retail, Services, Software, Specialty Retail, Sporting Goods, Sports, Stores, Stores (restaurants, coffee shops, bars), Technology, Web, Wellness

Duration: Up to 90 days for Rewards campaigns. For Equity campaigns, it can to prolonged and extended until you find a suitable investor.

Funding: All-or-nothing for Rewards raises, and equity funding.

Penalty for failed projects: None.

Fees: $179 per month for fundraising. It does not charge any amount on the amount that you raise. However, for rewards raises, you have to pay the processing fee of 3.5% +30c per transaction.

Locations: US only. If any of your partners have a US bank account, address, and social security number or business tax ID number, then it’s equally valid.

Special: You can even raise capital as a debt that you pay based on the conditions that you and the investor decides. Fundable just charges the hosting fee and nothing on your raised amount.


Crowdfunder is yet another equity crowdfunding website. With its huge network of entrepreneurs and investors, you are sure to find investment for your high impact ventures. You just need to provide your term sheet, executive summary, and investor pitch desk to get started with Crowdfunder. You can keep the funds raised even if you do not reach your fundraising goal.

Project type: Early stage startups and mature businesses.

Categories: Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Fashion, & Media, Business to Business, Cleantech, Construction & Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Ed-Tech, Energy/Transport, Finance, FinTech, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Impact Investments, Internet, Lifestyle, Mobile & Gaming, Real Estate, Technology.

Duration: 60-90 days

Funding: Equity, Debt, Convertible Note or Revenue Share

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: Account creation is free. You need to pay when you want to raise funds. There are two plans: Basic at $449 per month and Self-start plan at $499 per month. You don’t have to pay anything from the amount raised.

Locations:  Worldwide. Just make sure that you have either a PayPal or Stripe account.

Special: Great tools and support to boost fundraising. Also, it supports as many countries as its payment providers support.


HoneyFund is different from the list as it is mainly targeted to raise funds for a honeymoon. However, options like down payment, charity etc. are also available. You just have to notify your guests about your honeyfund. They can then select a gift, print a certificate and bring it to the wedding along with cash or check.

Project type: Personal and charity

Categories: Honeymoon, Downpayment, Home Improvement, others.

Duration: 30-60 days

Funding: You keep what you get.

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: Free for guests, offline payments, and gift cards. The payment processing charge of 2.8% + $0.30 per transaction in case of credit cards. Platform charge is $0.

Locations: Worldwide

Special: Honeyfund is absolutely free, made by a loving couple who wanted to create a free honeymoon registry first for themselves and then, for other couples about to get married. You can raise a wonderful honeyfund for your dream honeymoon with the help of the guests coming to your wedding. It gives a great choice of gift to guests too who want to give the gift that is truly needed and admired.


CircleUp is an equity-based crowdfunding platform. It helps retail companies and consumer products in an early stage to find investments. It provides accredited investors with investment opportunities and market insights. Entrepreneurs can get easy investment and retail partners at an early stage.

Project type:  Consumer products

Categories: Apparel, Beverage, E-commerce, Electronics and accessories, Fashion accessories, Food, Household cleaners, Household products, Infant products, Personal care, Pet food & products, Restaurants, Retail, Sporting goods.

Duration: 1 month to 12 months

Funding: Equity or convertible note

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: An assessed commission based on a percentage of the total amount raised.

Locations:  San Francisco, California, United States.

Special:  It uses Helio which is a machine learning platform for predictive analytics. This helps entrepreneurs to make decisions based on market data and results and not just wild guess.


FunderHut is a community-oriented crowdfunding platform, for small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. They claim to work one-on-one with project creators on their campaigns to help make their campaign a success.

Project type: Personal and Charitable

Categories: Arts Arts & Fashion, Books & Publications, Business & Entrepreneurship, Charity & Volunteering, Community Renaissance, Design, Education & Tuition, Film & Documentaries, Games & Entertainment, Going Green, Internet & Applications, Medical & Medical Tourism, Personal Emergencies, School Organizations & Clubs, Social & Civic Organizations, Technology.

Duration: 0-90 days

Funding: Fixed funding – All or nothing and Variable funding – get funds even if the goal is not reached.

Penalty for failed projects: For Variable funding, 7.5%. For Fixed funding, none.

Fees: 5% platform fees + 3% payment processing fees

Locations: Anywhere in the world.

Special: Allows fixed as well as variable funding and also gives one-to-one support to the campaign creators.


Rally is a platform to raise money for anything that you care about with no bounds of time. You can also raise money for a political campaign. You don’t need to worry about any funding goals or other terms and conditions.

Project type: Personal, Non-profit, Charitable, Political.

Categories: Advocacy and Change, Animals and Pets, Arts and Culture, Community and Relief, Education and Youth, Life Events and Memorials, Medical and Health, Women.

Duration: No time limits

Funding: You can withdraw amount as soon as you receive it after linking your bank account.

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: 5% platform fees + (2.9% + 30c) payment processing charge

Locations: Anyone with a US bank account

Special: Once you link your bank account, funds are directly transferred to your bank account from where you can withdraw as you wish.


Kiva is an entirely different crowdfunding platform that is based on loans and not donations. People can lend as less as $25 and support a borrower. In most cases, the person gets his money back when the borrower is able to repay the loan. The loan repayment rate on Kiva is 97%.

Project type: Personal.

Categories: Women, Agriculture, Education, Refugees and IDPs, Eco-friendly, Livestock, Arts, Shelter, Single parents, Health, Retail businesses, Food, Water and sanitation, Men.

Duration: 30 days

Funding: Loan

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: No platform fees.

Locations:  You can lend money from anywhere in the world.

Special: Kiva doesn’t just give away money but helps people live with dignity and repay the loan as and when they are able.

Giveforward/ YouCaring

GiveForward has joined YouCaring which gives you access to more than eight million donors and has real-time customer service. It’s absolutely free and is quick and easy. It’s a place to turn to when you or your loved one is in difficulty and need financial support.

Project type: Personal and Charitable

Categories: Medical Expenses, Memorials & Funerals, Emergencies & Disasters, Adoption, Kids & Family, Neighbors & Community, Education & Schools, Sports & Teams, Pets & Animals, Volunteer & Service Projects, Nonprofits, Mission Trips, Veterans.

Duration: No specific time limit

Funding:  Transferred as the funds are received.

Penalty for failed projects: None

Fees: 2.9% processing + $0.30 per transaction

Locations: All the countries where PayPal is available.

Special: GiveForward has joined YouCaring which is a free platform for personal and charitable fundraising.


Razoo is now Mighty Cause. Initially a crowdfunding platform for causes, Razoo now also supports peer-to-peer (personal as well as non-profit) fundraising. The term Razoo stands for a coin of very low value. The idea is to put together many razoos and raise a big amount.

Project type: Charity and Personal

Categories: Children & Family, Emergencies, Education, Animals, Medical, Faith, Community, Memorials, Humanitarian Aid, Arts & Culture, Wishes, Environment, Travel, International, Science, Tech & Business, Sports, Volunteer, Ideas.

Duration: no time limit

Funding: Weekly money transfer whether the goal is reached or not.

Penalty for failed projects: None


Free plan

Charity – 4% platform fees +2.9% +30c credit card processing fees.

Personal – 2.9% +30c credit card processing fees.

Plus($99/month) and Pro($249/month) plans and Enterprise plans(charges vary)

Credit card processing fees remain the same but there are no platform fees.

Locations:  US. Other than the US, you need to check your country with their support team.

Special: A very simple process to set up a fundraiser. And you get weekly payments so your cause would not stop for the lack of money.

This list of crowdfunding websites may not have covered each and every crowdfunding website under the Sun. But there are so many. We tried to cover all those are highly popular, reliable and has proven their significance.