Achiever Planner – A planner to help you Focus​

Achiever Planner With Smart Pocket Organizer

Achiever Planner with Smart Pocket Organizer

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner | Fitness Tracker | Travel Planner | Habit Tracker | Financial Tracker | Undated Planner | Gantt Chart

With the year at its end, people who love planners are getting active again and looking for planners. And Kickstarter as usual has some of the best planners to offer. Achiever Planner is an all-in-one planner designed to track many areas of our day-to-day life. It also helps to plan Weekly and Monthly goals and analyze them through mind mapping and self-reflection.

The key highlights of the planner are various trackers like fitness, budget, habit, travel, etc. A nutritional health guide and a motivational page add to the overall functionality.

According to the creator, the Achiever Planner is a perfect way to leave behind all that 2020 and COVID-19 had to offer and move on for New Beginnings.

A good news for the US Backers is that Achiever Planner has Free Shipping to US. Also, in their Early Bird offer, they are offering Free Shipping to US, UK, Canada, and Australia for a limited period only.