StairSlide – Indoor Slide For Stairs

Stair Slide - Something that your Kids will love!

The safer, more durable, non-permanent slide for indoor stairs.

Current COVID-19 situation has forced us and our kids to stay indoors for most part of the day. Which means that we are enclosed with one or two or more kids; kids having so much energy and activity that we just can’t force them to sit around all day. The last resort for most of the parents nowadays is hand the kid a cellphone or a tablet so that we can rest or carry on with our day-to-day activity. But do we like that?? A BIG NO.

Stair slide creator is a father of five so you may understand his necessity to find some activity that is not just engaging but also fun and doesn’t make you feel that guilt that comes when the kid is having too much screen time.

Stair Slide is a lightweight, modular, transferable, stackable, and safe slide for indoor stairs. The high density rubber below he stairs prevents it from slipping while in use and the durable plastic has been used to withstand frequent use. In short stair slide makes sure that your lid is engaged in his most favorite activity without you worrying your heart out about their safety.