Nature of Form – The ultimate Design book

Nature of Form Design Handbook

Nature of Form - Make your Designs inspired by Nature

A design book for innovation & design exploration

Nature of Form is the world’s first Design book that is a collection of Forms, Colors, and Textures extracted from various elements in nature. It covers 150 elements divided into categories like Fruits, Vegetables, Insects, etc. From these elements, 1454 entities have been derived (432 Forms, 231 Patterns, 791 Colors). The extraction of forms, patterns, and colors was a tedious one but the result was a beautiful book, that has the competence to become any designer’s most valuable asset.

This Design book features an exclusive original collection of forms, Textures & color, derived from Nature. The forms are classified into characteristic attributes as well. According to the creator, this product is one, but many at the same time. It makes you wonder. Each reader can manifest their own meaning into it.

One look at the Kickstarter page and you will find that the book is so beautiful, especially the Layout and colors. Designers and Artists are going to find this book really handy and full of inspiration.