Cuppa Cordless LED Touch Lamp

Cuppa cordless LED lamp

Cuppa Cordless LED Touch Lamp - Lighting made hasslefree

A true cordless experience with portability, sturdiness, and ease of use.

LED lamps have really changed the lighting scenario for us. And when cordless LEDs entered the market, it was like glowing everywhere, literally. We just had to stop worrying about the cables, the electric socket accessibility, and the if you are clumsy like me, tripping over the cable or getting a shock.

Cuppa Cordless LED Lamp answers to all the needs and expectations that one has from a cordless light. It is minimalist, lightweight, easily portable, clutter-free, supports 360° Touch for on/off, has stepless dimming, is Waterproof, Flame Retardant, and has No Risk of Electrical Shock. Who else is falling in love?

Cuppa is currently live on Kickstarter and is hugely successful. It is available in three colors and is good to go in your room, office, or at a park. The key feature is the patent pending 360-degree ‘Any Touch’ technology that allows it to be turned off and on with a touch anywhere on its base. The lamp doesn’t need to be connected to WIFI, Bluetooth, APPs, a smart phone or a remote controller, but it is still smart and minimalist.