Equilibric Vacuum Lids – Keep your Food fresh for longer

Equilibric Vacuum Lids Kickstarter

Equilibric - Vacuum Lids for 7x Fresher Food and Wine

Keep food fresher for longer. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

We all hate wrinkles, whether on face or food. While there are many anti-aging products for humans, not many exist for keeping fresh, with its outer peel lustrous and taut. Universal Vacuum lids is currently thriving on Kickstarter having amassed more than $50,000 and still 28 days to go.

We all know the main culprit for contamination of food or wine or any other liquid is its contact with oxygen. Equilibric vacuum lids remove all the air from the products on which they are used, thus creating a vacuum and increasing the life of the product.

The use of Equilibric vacuum lids is very simple. You simply have to place it on top of the vessel or bottle and press a button. That’s it. Equilibric lids come in four different sizes, so they can fit a wide range of dishes or boxes of different sizes. In their own words, Stop throwing away food, store it with Equilibric.