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Lives in: Lafayette, IN

Joined Kickstarter: December 2012

Number of Projects Created: 4

Number of projects backed: 67

Most Backed Categories: Games (65), Publishing (1), Film & Video (1)

I am a physicist and designer of tabletop games. I am a fan of non-random Euro games, tactical dungeon crawls, and vegan cookies.

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Check before you Back

Issac Childres has created four games on Kickstarter all of which were a huge success. As for Issac as a creator, there are certain points that I’d like to list.

  • His designs are beautiful. The games are just stunning in their designs.
  • He has given utmost importance to details. Given the fact that the box of Gloomhaven weighed around 9 Kgs simply states that he took pains to create a wonderful gaming experience by designing and creating every part that might be needed.
  • He has made mistakes. Just let me tell you that if you’re not making mistakes, then you are not doing it right. So, Issac made a few mistakes but acknowledged them and rectified them and that’s what counts. Backers are really happy with his way of tackling issues.
  • He is really honest and transparent during his entire campaign and afterward.

To err is Human

The one thing that Issac did differently from other top creators is that he did make a few mistakes. But as his backers say, there is nothing that Issac can’t resolve. And that’s why he is among the top Kickstarter Creators. And backers are happy with the attitude that Issac shows when a problem arises. The way that he communicates. The manner in which he tackles the problem. And the ultimate solution of either offering a refund or replacement. This just shows his commitment and passion for his work.

Top Positive Comments

People loved the games, their detailing and various scenarios. The game is really spellbinding. The design is cool and the games have a huge entertainment factor. Backers also liked that the project was delivered almost on time. And continuous updates and comments from Issac also pleased the backers very much.

Top Negative Comments

There were a few negative comments from grumpy backers who like to chide creators at every nook and turn. I am not even going to consider these comments. Apart from that, people were dissatisfied with a bit low quality for the second printing of Gloomhaven. There were many scenarios of parts missing too. But in the creator’s defense, I’d say that there were numerous parts and it is not feasible to check each box. Plus the packing and shipping were done remotely.

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