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Lives in: Salt Lake City, UT

Joined Kickstarter: June 2012

Number of Projects Created: 3

Number of projects backed: 12

Most Backed Categories: Design (8), Technology (3)

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart and I'm always looking for ways to make a difference through business. My first business was Utah Valley Curb, followed by Leather Burned with a friend. Finally, I started Kodiak Leather with my wife.

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Kodiak Leather is not just a business for Jared Morse but its a passion for leather and heirloom quality leather goods. All three of the Kodiak campaigns were successful. And the quality of the leather that the backers got was astounding. The bags look classy and are sturdy. These bags will a last a lifetime with you and even more if you take proper care.

Great  Products for Life

Kodiak Leather gives a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship. Now, that’s called confidence and belief in oneself. Kodiak Leather also started shipping at the estimated time and even before that for Buffalo Leather Satchel. Moreover, there were a few defective pieces but backers were able to get an easy replacement without much hassle.

Top Positive Comments

The only thing that people seem to comment on the campaigns of Jared Morse is how they just love it and people ask about their bag.

Top Negative Comments

There are some comments regarding private messaging and also stains caused by bag on light colored pants. Apparently, there was some issue in the tanning method of the leather. It was immediately in the resolved for the upcoming production. Those who already had problems were tackled very gracefully so as not leave an unhappy backer.

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