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Lives in: Wandsworth, UK

Joined Kickstarter: January 2017

Number of Projects Created: 1

Number of projects backed: 4

Most Backed Categories: Design (3), Fashion (1)

Stubble & Co was founded to provide a better product for men who enjoy a life full of travel. We believed that refined style, long-term durability, and exceptional quality could be achieved without the luxury price tag of more established brands.

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Creator Stubble & Co is a UK based company which created a high-quality men’s bag. These bags are stylish, durable, refined. They are suitable not just for traveling but also for work, gym and weekend adventures.

Stubble & Co has created just one campaign but it was hugely funded. The campaign has 832 backers, but I can’t find a single negative comment on this campaign. Now, this is perfection at its best.

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The product delivery was on time. The products are great and people love it. And so far nobody has any complaint from their Stubble & Co Everyday Bag.

Top Negative Comments

Nope. Nil. Nada.

Yes, such a scenario is rare but is there where backers didn’t say anything negative about the product.

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