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Lives in: Toronto, Canada

Joined Kickstarter: February 2015

Number of Projects Created: 1

Number of projects backed: 14

Most Backed Categories: Fashion (5), Design (4), Food (2)

Designing Innovative Carry-on Bags For Frequent Air Travellers. Bypass The Lines, Stop Paying Baggage Fees, Forget About Lost Luggage ... Skip The Bag Check. Our Smart Design Keeps Your Clothes Wrinkle Free!

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Kickstarter Creator No Bag Check has created only one campaign, The Ultimate Travel Carry-On Bag. This campaign was highly successful. And it is also among the top 5 travel bags that were most funded on Kickstarter. The idea was a genius. The creator’s main aim was to bypass the bag checks and create a bag that is small enough to bypass the bag check but big enough to accommodate suits, shoes, and toiletries.

Great Idea, Average execution

The idea behind the No Bag Check is great and it tackles to the current needs. People’s lives are getting busier and traveling with a bag that fits your essentials and still comes out as a handbag is a fantastic thing that can happen. However, there have been issues like quality, poor zippers and leather peeling off. So, hats off to the creator for finding a good solution to an unsaid need. If the product had been delivered as promised, it would have made a great product.

But as I always say that manufacturing is something that creators don’t have an entire control on. And a person with good intention always learns from one’s mistake. So, I will definitely be watching this creator for further products.

Top Positive Comments

There were people who loved their bag. The most favorite part of the No Bag Check carry-on bag was good looks. It looked really cool.

Top Negative Comments

People complained about the quality of zippers a lot. Moreover, many people were not able to fit their suits in the bag. While the complaints were consistent, the backer-to-complaint ratio was low. So, I guess many people were happy with their bags and didn’t feel the need to comment.

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