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Lives in: Bellevue, WA

Joined Kickstarter: June 2012

Number of Projects Created: 5

Number of projects backed: 28

Most Backed Categories: Design (10), Publishing (8), Fashion (3)

Our mission is to design products that will make you more successful in work and life. Most of all, I want our brand to inspire you. I want you to propel yourself from where you are now to where you want to go. And I want you to live every day to its fullest.
Make Today Awesome.

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Check Before You Back

Kickstarter Creator Kate Matsudaira has run three highly successful planner campaigns. Then, she came up with a stylish laptop bag that had the looks of a handbag. However, the campaign did not proceed as per her expectations and hence she had to cancel the campaign. We will be looking forward to this campaign. Her Spark Planner is also among the Top 5 planners on Kickstarter that were most funded.

The one thing that reflects in all of her campaigns is Kate’s commitment to product quality. By this what I mean is that there was not one comment complaining about the quality control for any of the planners created by Kate Matsudaira. And mind you that planners are a little tricky when it comes to quality control. What with the page numbers and sequencing and repetition of layout, there is always some fault or the other. Even so, Kate has overcome all that with shining reviews. There were one or two instances where a backer complained of binding coming off and Kate offered them a replacement right away.

Incredible Support

Kate’s backers love her. The backers stand by her and even defend her against some grumpy backers. This love of backers speaks of the quality of the product that Kate has delivered.

Positive Comments

Kate has been showered with positive comments. She delivered an excellent product, was very prompt in communication with backers and designed a product that really helped people. So, she rightly deserves all the praise in the world.

Negative Comments

I really had to look thoroughly to find negative comments. And even the ones that were present, Kate’s reply to them was noteworthy. I’ve included one such complaint with her reply to it (the last comment and her reply above the comment). It was too incredible to ignore.

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