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Lives in: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Joined Kickstarter: November 2013

Number of Projects Created: 2

Number of projects backed: 18

Most Backed Categories: Publishing (13), Design (4)

John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs ON FIRE, an award-winning Podcast where he interviews today's most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. John has created five free courses to guide you along your Entrepreneurial journey.

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Kickstarter Creator John Lee Dumas is more famous for his daily podcasts on Entrepreneurs on Fire than for his Kickstarter campaigns. His podcast basically interviews potential entrepreneurs and hence he has been through the story of success and mastering a particular field, thousands of times. What John decided was to knit all these fundamentals together and then brewed the recipe to attain your goals and success in 100 days in the Freedom Journal. Mastery Journal guides you through mastering discipline, productivity, and focus in 100 days. These three are key principles for the success of any entrepreneur. As they say

A business fails not because of a poor idea but because of its poor execution.

Not the usual Format

Usually, what follows in the Kickstarter Creator Rating is what backers say about the creator, both positive and negative. However, there were very few comments on both the campaigns by John Lee Dumas and hence I will not continue in the usual manner.

Few of the notable comments are shown in the image below.

So, all I can say about the campaigns by John Lee Dumas is that both his journal were very successful. He used his experience of the podcast to create a product that backers appreciated heavily. There are no complaints regarding delivery or product quality. And hence, I conclude that people loved their journal and have set to achieve their goals and master the keys to success.

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