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Lives in: Salt Lake City, UT

Joined Kickstarter: August 2014

Number of Projects Created: 5

Number of projects backed: 23

Most Backed Categories: Design (10), Technology (7), Games (3)

At Nomatic we create the most functional gear ever, to inspire confidence for life on the move.

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Check Before You Back

Kickstarter Creator Nomatic has run five highly successful and diverse campaigns. Their first campaign was a minimalist wallet, followed by the Basics notebook which is among the Top 5 planners on Kickstarter that were most funded. Then Nomatic dived into the world of bags and created a laptop bag, a travel bag, and a backpack.

Nomatic products, especially the bags are a bit expensive but are better in quality as per the reviews of the backers. Nomatic has also delivered most of the projects within the time range that is acceptable to the backers. In short, there was no dramatic shipping problem for any of the campaigns.

Some Unique Features

Nomatic bags were quite different from their own league owing to the various features like RFID pocket, magnetic fidlock buckle, waterproof material, retractable key leash, easy access pocket, magnetic bottle pocket, laundry bag and much more. In short, the creator has tried to create a wonderful experience for the backer. The bags are sturdy and the creator provides an easy replacement for defective pieces.

Positive Comments

Majority of the backers are happy with the various products delivered by Nomatic. The bags are sturdy and stylish, the wallets are something different and slim and the notebook is useful and effective.

Negative Comments

Backers seem to have complaints regarding the shoulder straps in the Nomatic travel bag. It becomes uncomfortable when heavily packed. Also, the material of the bag that touched the back could have been better. One complaint regarding the promotional emails by the backers is worth mentioning. While there is nothing wrong with sending promotional emails, their frequency should not be annoying and the backer should be able to opt out of receiving it.

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