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We imagine a world where every human being has a unique roadmap to attain the freedom they need to thrive. The reality is, you have a unique code that affects how you naturally organize information in your brain. We are here to show you how to unlock this knowledge and apply it to get the life you deserve.

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Kickstarter Creator Project EVO has created one very successful Evo Planner. Project EVO believes that if a person plans and carries out day-to-day tasks based on his/ her brain type, chances of success are more.

EVO Planner comes in four version based on the brain type of the person. A person first takes an assessment to determine brain type and then his planner is decided. People liked this idea of knowing their brain type and hence the planner was highly successful and made it to the top 5 most funded planners on Kickstarter.

Creators are creators and not business people

We see that many Kickstarter projects fail to meet the shipping deadline. Many creators have a problem executing their ideas in real life. Manufacturing defects, product not up to the mark and late shipping are some of the many problems that the creators face. This one comment explains it all.

Positive Comments

EVo Planner is different from other planners and people really like and enjoy it. How far the planner succeeds in doing what it claims is yet to be seen. The design is cool and the concept innovative.

Negative Comments

The pages bleed ink and that is not a good thing for a planner. Apart from that, there are no major issues. One more thing that backers complained was the lack of the Android app of the planner which was promised during the campaign. People are also facing issues with the most important feature of changing the brain type in the app.

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