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Lives in: Dallas, TX

Joined Kickstarter: May 2015

Number of Projects Created: 2

Number of projects backed: 9

Most Backed Categories: Food (5), Design (2), Games (1)

We are a small team composed of bag people. We love bags and we are passionate about making great bags. We believe people deserve to have quality bags without having to break the bank.

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Creator Monyker has created two bag projects on Kickstarter, one of which is among the top 5 most funded travel bags and the other one unsuccessful. The main goal of Monyker is to create well designed sturdy travel bags and everyday backpacks that don’t dig a hole in your pocket.

JW Weekender by Monyker is a huge favorite among the travelers and people even like to take it to the gym and office.

Wonderful Design and Rock solid

There are certain expectations for a travel bag that need not be stated.

  • It should look really cool or classic.
  • It should be like a black hole. No matter how much you put in it, it should accommodate it. Of course, unlike a black hole, you should be able to take out your things at will.
  • It should withhold all the tortures and torments of travel and still be sturdy and protective of valuables always standing by your side.

Just look for yourself what people using the Weekender have to say regarding that.

Top Positive Comments

JW Weekender was an instant hit with the backers due to its cool and everyday looks, sturdiness and utility. People loved it and with the shipping done as per schedule, people were actually able to use it as per their stipulated travel plans. Communication from the Monyker team was also wonderful. There were almost negligible comments about lack of communication which is very rare on Kickstarter.

Top Negative Comments

There was something in the way that these bags were shipped that backers had to pay extra customs duty and that too, a big amount. I didn’t find this issue in any of the campaigns that I’ve studied. However, the creator made a reduction in the shipping charges to somewhat compensate for the extra cost incurred to the backers.

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