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Lives in: San Diego, CA

Joined Kickstarter: January 2013

Number of Projects Created: 6

Number of projects backed: 59

Most Backed Categories: Design (22), Publishing (9), Fashion (6)

I am an artist, educator, entrepreneur, traveler and blogger on a mission to continually learn and grow while sharing what I can to help others follow their passions. I love creating tools and environments where people feel safe to create and be themselves.

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Kickstarter Creator Angelia Trinidad is the creator of one of the most successful planners on Kickstarter, Passion Planner. She has run 6 Passion Planner campaigns and all were highly successful. She is an example of what happens when one follows her passion and puts in efforts and hard work to it.

Most of the campaigns have run smoothly bar the one in 2015. This is the campaign where there were some shipping issues. I would also like to add that shipping is something that one cannot control and many times the efforts made may not be reflected in the result.

Wonderful Design and Quality

Those people who received the Passion Planners have absolutely loved them. Many have benefitted from them and will always return for more.

Top Positive Comments

There are tons of comments complaining about communication and delivery. But the positive comments regarding the quality and motivation overshadow them all. People just love their Passion Planners.

Top Negative Comments

Majority of the negative comments were regarding lack of communication. But mind you, while going through the comments, I can really see that the Creator did a really good job of replying to comments. There were a series of response at a time and that just shows that this creator really cares about what her backers feel. Also, there was some shipping issue that led to many unhappy backers.

Handling Disappointed Backers

The thing that I liked about Angelia Trinidad is how she handled the glitches in the campaign, especially during the first campaign. Here’s a link to the update that she posted when some faulty planners were shipped and brought to her attention by the backers.

Moreover, there were many instances of missing pages and other QC issues. But the only reply that backers got was to contact support and see if they can get a replacement or refund. That is so cool.

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