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Lives in: Oslo, Norway

Joined Kickstarter: August 2014

Number of Projects Created: 3

Number of projects backed: 3

Most Backed Categories: Fashion (2), Design (3)

We're obsessed with finding the finest natural materials and crafting them into elegant, functional accessories for everyday life. Through everything we make, we hope to share the distinctive beauty of products that are made to last and that honour the natural materials used to make them.

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Linjer Leather Goods have completed 3 highly successful campaigns. Two are of leather bags and purses and the most recent one is of Swiss Movement Watches. From the comments, I can say is that their first campaign of minimalist leather bags was the best one. There is no complaint of quality, replacement issues and also a touch of personalization with handwritten notes. However, for the last two projects, people complained about lack of communication and a bit about quality control issues.

But let me just tell you manufacturing and shipping are things that can go awry with nothing that you can do. So, patience and understanding are must, especially when there is a hugely successful campaign since it can break up the original schedule. All I can say is that Linjer Leather Goods has delivered as promised and can be considered without any second thoughts.

A great-looking product

Majority of the people have loved their Linjer products that stand for simplicity, elegance, and minimalism.

Top Positive Comments

People love the Linjer products that they receive. They also like the support that they get in case of damaged product.

Top Negative Comments

The biggest problem with Linjer is the lack of communication. There were a few updates and even people were not able to get their replies through email or messages. This may be due to the fact that Linjer is a small company and they got an enormous number of backers.

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