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Lives in: Los Angeles, CA

Joined Kickstarter: June 2010

Number of Projects Created: 2

Number of projects backed: 388

Most Backed Categories: Games (149), Design (117), Technology (79)

Co-creator of Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies, You’ve Got Crabs and former Chief Design Officer for Xbox Entertainment Studios. I get paid not to grow up.

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Creator Elan Lee has created 2 Card Games and both of them are highly successful. He has also successfully completed shipped his game and backers are extremely happy with game, delivery, game community and everything related to game in particular.

Timely Delivery

Many of the backers claimed that this project was one of the most timed projects among those that they have backed. Backers were really happy with the prompt delivery.

Product Quality

Products are of good quality. Backers have loved the product and enjoyed the game too much, actually way too much. They also loved the personalized touch that the creator took the pains to give even when the backer count was in millions.

Top positive comments

Most of the positive comments were about timely delivery, the personalized receipt, the surprise and great quality product.

Top negative comments

There were very few negative comments. Some people complained about no seal on the package but the comment below explains it well. Other than that backers are very happy with creator Elan Lee and his team.

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