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Lives in: Oregon

Joined Kickstarter: June 2017

Number of Projects Created: 2

Number of projects backed: 19

Most Backed Categories: Technology (9), Design (8), Fashion (2)

Petato is an innovator of pet care technology and products that smarten different aspects of the human-fauna relationship including but not limited to cleaning, feeding, grooming, and sporting. It's our ultimate pursuit to turn people's homes into a utopia for pets, or in our way of saying, "Petopia in the making"​.

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Check Before You Back

Kickstarter Creator Petato specializes in creating empathic products and technologies for pets. They have run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, both of which were cat litter box. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their first campaign immediately after the funding goal was achieved due to some investment issues. Their second campaign was also hugely successful, where 3,600 backers came together to raise $1,347,164.

Although the second product is facing a glitch too. The majority of the backers are still waiting for their products. There are again some manufacturing related issues. This is a classic example of a scenario where the creator is genuine and tries to promise everything but can’t foresee the manufacturing and shipping challenges and fail even though they have good intentions.

Top Positive Comments

Since the product has still not been delivered, there are almost no comments related to the product. Most of the comments praise the creator for their honesty and sincerity.

Top Negative Comments

The creator was successful in raising adequate funds for his product twice. His inability to deliver the product on time and as promised has definitely enraged many backers. After all, it’s the responsibility of the creator, not just to design a good product but to see through all the phases of the product development cycle till delivery and even support.

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