Top 5 Planners on Kickstarter (most funded)

Top 5 Planners on Kickstarter

Planners are an inseparable part of those who love organizing their tasks and prioritizing their work. There are people who love to take control of their life and live it as they plan it. There are also dreamers who would stop at nothing less than the dream that keeps them up at night. Well, these people are the planners who may have left the reckless life behind them or who just find such life crap. And these are the people with planners with a well-organized schedule. They are not seen effing themselves or screwing up things. So, cheers to those who love to plan and dream big. A tiny tribute to those by compiling a list of the best planners that one can find, the most funded ones on Kickstarter. Here, we are listing the top 5 planners on Kickstarter that were most funded.

Passion Planner

By far the most successful planner on Kickstarter is the Passion Planner by Angelina Trinidad. Of the top 10 most funded planner projects, Passion Planner secures a position three times. The planner contains motivational quotes, weekly and daily goal setting, calendar and other features.  It has a faux leather cover and 100 gsm thick paper that is ink proof. The details that I am listing below is about the most funded campaign in October 2015.

Funding Goal: $15,000

Campaign Length: 42 days

Total collection: $706,287

Time to reach 100% funding: 35 minutes

Number of backers: 16,335

Kickstarter Page: Passion Planner



The Spark Planner

This planner focuses on how to achieve your goals simply by setting goals, organizing your tasks and taking challenges. The planner includes yearly theme and achievements, monthly goals and challenges and other such features. One great feature of the planner is that it lies flat on a surface no matter whether you are on page 1 or halfway through. It uses high quality ink-proof and acid-free paper.

Funding Goal: $15,000

Campaign Length: 45 days

Total collection: $460,602

Time to reach 100% funding: 2 days

Number of backers: 13,263

Kickstarter Page: The Spark Planner

Website: –

The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal focuses on setting an S.M.A.R.T. (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timebound.) goal whether it be a personal, business or fitness goal and steps to accomplish it. The features of the Freedom Journal includes daily systems, nightly recaps, 10-day sprints, inspiring quotes and much more. The backers also get access to the Journal community on Facebook and the mobile app.

Funding Goal: $25,000

Campaign Length: 31 days

Total collection: $453,803

Time to reach 100% funding: 4 hours

Number of backers: 7,063

Kickstarter Page: The Freedom Journal


The Basics Notebook

The Basics Notebook aims to simplify your life and make you attain goals. In order to simplify handling the book, the creator has given certain features like space for keeping pen, double elastics to keep the book open and three colored markers for the three section of The Basics Notebook, the planner (monthly calendar, goal mapping, monthly focus etc.), lined paper, and blank pages. The most unique feature of The Basics Notebook is the 30 unique activities to boost positivity and increase productivity created in collaboration with Kirk Wilkinson, author of “The Happiness Factor” and “I Am Strong”.

Funding Goal: $10,000

Campaign Length: 60 days

Total collection: $383,385

Time to reach 100% funding: 12 hours

Number of backers: 9,100

Kickstarter Page: The Basics Notebook

Website: –


Evo Planner

Evo Planner is totally different from the list as it embarks a different way to keep the focus on your goals and set out to accomplish them. The backer first needs to carry out the Brain Type Assessment based on which the customized planner is selected for the backer. Moreover, you can also track your daily progress using the Evo app. By observing the patterns on the app, you can actually measure your progress, see patterns and also find out what works for you. The planner looks really beautiful with copper-gilded pages, high-quality cover and unique and beautiful page layout. It uses 80g Wood free paper, that is ink proof. It has daily, weekly and monthly planners and different page layouts based on your brain type, Alchemist, Oracle, Explorer, and Architect.

Funding Goal: $15,000

Campaign Length: 38 days

Total collection: $367,158

Time to reach 100% funding: 7 days

Number of backers: 6,097

Kickstarter Page: Evo Planner


Each planner is unique in itself and rightly deserves the place in the top 5 planners list. I am sure the planners out there must be feeling giddy with joy. There’s so much out there. So keep planning and stay focused.