7 crowdfunding tips that will definitely fire up your next Kickstarter Campaign

People are going crazy after Kickstarter and do their best to get their project successful. While the success stories may motivate you to leave everything and start making the product of your dreams. But there is more to Kickstarter than the list of successful campaigns. Below the top campaigns are buried the failed campaigns and along with them the dreams of their creators. I don’t mean to discourage you. In fact, Kickstarter is the best way to test your product. On a lighter note, I bring you a collection of tips that will help you crack the puzzle called Kickstarter or in fact any other crowdfunding platform. So, here comes the 7 crowdfunding tips that will definitely fire up your next Kickstarter Campaign.

Tip#1: Make sure your idea is a good fit for Kickstarter

Kickstarter is not a market that sells any product. But it is the birthplace of some of the most creative and amazing products. The projects succeed on Kickstarter because of their creativity, innovation and problem-solving nature. To get more idea about how Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms work, learn more about the crowdfunding that turns ideas to reality.


Tip#2: Create great Rewards

Kickstarter is a platform that does not support charity projects. So, when a person backs your campaign, they expect a reward. It can be the product itself or the accessories related to it. However, the rewards need to be designed wisely. The backer should get good value for money. On the other hand, you as a creator should not also incur a loss. Do your research properly. Check the similar products and their pricing. Also, keep in mind the miscellaneous costs apart from the manufacturing costs. Shipping, taxes, and packing also cost a significant amount of money that cannot be ignored.


Tip#3: Follow the Rules

On Kickstarter and many other crowdfunding platforms, you need to submit your project for review. Each platform has certain rules to minimize fraud and scams and to ensure that what goes on the platform is legal and creative. So, make sure that you read the rules and guidelines properly, check the list of items and product that are allowed to be sold and design your project page accordingly. Otherwise, it may happen that your project is not even accepted at all.


Tip#4: Set your goal as low as possible

Okay, now you may have heard people preach that always have bigger goals in life. But this certainly doesn’t work in case of Kickstarter. If you set a low goal and you are quickly funded, chances are that the project may be picked up as the ‘Project we Love’ by the editor or end up as a trending project and showcased on the front page of Kickstarter. Now, I don’t need to tell you the benefits of that, right? So, always work out the minimum possible amount that you require including all sorts of costs, then add the platform and the payment charge and set that as your goal. To know more, check out this quick guide to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Tip#5: Make a great video

As they say, an image is worth a thousand words and a video is worth 10,000 images. A video is a very important aspect of any crowdfunding campaign. it is also the first point of contact with a potential backer. On Kickstarter, uploading the video is not mandatory but you’ll rarely see a campaign without a video. That in itself speaks a lot about the importance of the video in your campaign. But when it comes to video, a lot can go wrong. So, learn how to make a good video for Kickstarter and it’ll get the ball rolling.


Tip#6: Tell a story to the world.

Know the difference between a house and a home. Well, that exactly is the difference between a brilliant product and a brilliant product with a story behind it. Always tell your story and not just on the campaign page but also as a presskit so that online media and other people can use them to share your product. Pitching your story is really important. It builds trust and connection.


Tip#7: Use advertising sparingly

Advertising and marketing is a must if you want people outside your circle to know about your product. But, you should use advertising sparingly and wisely. There is no point in throwing your money by simply creating an advertisement and running it. You should first know your audience. Try to figure out what type of people will be interested in your product. It can be based on gender, age group, a particular hobby or user of a certain product. Advertising on Social media will mean that you are approaching people majority of whom already know about Kickstarter and its concept. And you’ll also be able to reach a wider range of people.

So, that’s the end of the list. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign may seem intimidating and tiring at first but with proper planning and management, it will be a lot easier.