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Lives in: California

Joined Kickstarter: March 2013

Number of Projects Created: 12

Number of projects backed: 5

Most Backed Categories: Technology (3), Design (2)

The spirit and passion for creating amazing products are shared by all of the members of the PLX team. Our continuing mission is to deliver cutting-edge and innovative products.

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Success Rate (12/12)

Check Before You Back

Kickstarter Creator PLX Devices has created and successfully funded 12 campaigns so far. All the products are cool, innovative and something that easily gets backers. But I am obliged to end the good words here. This is the first creator on Kickstarter to get a ‘Fair’ rating in the Kickstarter Creator Rating.

One thing that surprises me is that all the projects by the creator PLX Devices have succeeded not just marginally but in a huge fashion. Some campaigns have gathered more than 1K backers and the creator also raised more than 8K backers for the campaign, Legion Meter. Backers, always make sure to take a few precautionary steps before backing a project. Hope this backer’s guide helps.

Top Positive Comments

Majority of the backers couldn’t get their product to work as per expectations. However, there are some backers who really love their product and have words of praise to deliver.

PLX Devices Positive Comments

Top Negative Comments

One of the main issues that the backers had was that their product did not charge. Also, many people had issues with the interface that was not much intuitive. Moreover, posting multiple updates about the next campaign when backers are already waiting for the current campaign to complete by the creator also caused annoyance among the backers.

PLX Devices Negative Comments

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